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Some like it HOT, and these are spicy, spicy!!!

Benefits of Radish Microgreens

Microgreens are becoming popular with every passing year, and one of the most sought after microgreens is the radish type. Radish microgreens taste like radish! They have fewer calories but rich in beneficial nutrients, such as enzymes, antioxidants, protein, and minerals. If you are also looking for vitamins in microgreens, radish has them all.

There are different kinds of radishes, some growing in winter, some in summer, while others do well in spring. The most common one is the Daikon, most commonly found in Southern Asia, especially India, and it’s a spring-summer vegetable. Research states that radish microgreens are effective at preventing cancer than broccoli microgreens. Let’s find the health benefits of radish microgreens.


According to research findings, radish microgreens contain large deposits of folate with 100 grams or 3.5 ounces of radish microgreens able to give you close to a quarter of folate you should consume in a day. Folate is known to promote cardiovascular health by breaking down an amino acid known as homocysteine, which is believed to promote atherosclerosis(fatty deposits in the blood vessels).

Half of the people suffering from cardiovascular disease have high homocysteine levels compared with 5 percent of the general population. Apart from folate, radish microgreens also contain a lot of vitamin B6, which research has shown that it’s capable of breaking down homocysteine in one’s body, another reason to go for the nutrition in microgreens.


Multiple studies have shown that radish microgreens may be helpful in promoting digestive health. Some people experience digestive issues and one of the ways to eradicate such is by ensuring that your plate contains a portion of radish microgreens. An animal study showed that an extract of Chinese radish microgreens helps to improve bile flow.

The essence of bile is to help breakdown fats and enhance digestion. Daikon and Chinese radish microgreens possess strong radish flavor with a dash of pepper-like background taste. That’s why they are the most preferred in sushi, salads, and also used as a garnish.


If you consume radish microgreens daily, you will be doing your skin a favor by giving it special boosters to remain healthy. That’s because it contains Vitamin C, phosphorus, and zinc. According to research, one of the health benefits of radish microgreens is keeping acne, dryness, pimples, and rashes at bay.

You don’t have only to ingest radish microgreens to benefit from them. You can make a radish paste from the microgreens and use it to cleanse your face. Applying the paste on your hair will help remove dandruff, strengthen the hair roots, and prevent hair loss.


Broccoli microgreens are incredibly high in glucosinolate and have been recognized for their anti-cancer effects, but here comes the surprise. Radish microgreens may possess a higher anti-cancer potential than any other microgreen, including broccoli, according to research funded by Rural Industry Research and Development Corporation from Australia.

After analyzing the glucosinolate content from different edible microgreens, radish and broccoli came out on top of the list with daikon and white radishmicrogreens ranking high. However, for them to realize their potential, they have to be converted into isothiocyanates(ITCs).


Radish microgreens are a suitable choice for those trying to lose belly fat and weight in general. They are low in calories and high in vitamin C. Study found that people with lower Vitamin C in their bodies burned 25 percent less fat compared to those who had an adequate amount of Vitamin C after a 60-minute session on the treadmill.

The body requires Vitamin C to make a compound known as carnitine, which helps the body convert fat into fuel rather than store it as body fat.


Low immune leaves your body vulnerable to diseases.  You should, therefore, consume foods that enhance your immunity. Radish microgreens are high in Vitamin C, which protects your body from common cold and cough, and they also strengthen your basic immunity system.

However, it’s recommended that you consume them regularly. Studies have also shown that radish microgreens control the development of harmful free radicals, early aging, and inflammation, just like kale microgreens.


Radish microgreens provide your body with potassium according to studies, and it can help lower your blood pressure and maintain your blood flow, especially if you suffer from hypertension.

According to Ayurveda, radish microgreens have a cooling effect on your blood. So, if you know someone suffering from blood pressure, advise them to explore what radish microgreens have in store and also expound on mung bean microgreen health benefits.

8.       HIGH ON FIBER

It’s no brainer that you need fiber in your body. Research has proved countless times that fiber improves your digestion. If you eat enough radish microgreens every day, your body will be provided with ample roughage and fibers,which will enhance the way your food is digested.

The fiber gained from radish also regulates bile production, takes care of water retention, and safeguards your liver.


Health practitioners always recommend you to take eight ounces of water every day, but you shouldn’t depend on water alone to keep your body hydrated. You can also eat foods that boost your body’s water content.

You should eat more radish microgreens, especially during summer, to keep your body hydrated because they contain high water content. In fact, you should consume them daily on top of taking the recommended amount of water.


Wondering whether radish microgreens are suitable for your liver? Yes definitely! Radishes are perfect for both your liver and stomach since they act as powerful detoxifiers. Radish microgreens reduce the destruction of red blood cells by increasing the supply of fresh oxygen to your blood.

According to multiple studies, vitamin C in radish helps prevent cell damage from free radicals and also repairs them and heals wounds.


From the ten points above, it’s clear that most of your health issues can be solved by one serving of radish microgreens daily. Your body requires much care healthwise. Enroll in a microgreen diet and reap the benefits.


Nutrition Density Report: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/267354000_Microgreens_Assessment_of_Nutrient_Concentrations

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