One cupful of pea microgreens contains half of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C for an adult. The vitamin can help improve your immune system that perhaps depleted due to smoking, stress, obesity, or too much drinking. Vitamin C also reduces the risk of infections and pneumonia associated with the common cold. What’s more, blood with a higher concentration of Vitamin C can help lower the risk of stroke.

Research has also indicated that Vitamin C can reduce the chances of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease. Health professions, however, encourage you to consume the healthy vitamin from lightly cooked or raw consumed foods, and pea shoots are the perfect source.


Struggling with obesity or excessive weight, you better consider trying the health benefits of microgreens, especially pea shoots. They have a fantastic nutrient to calorie ratio and offer theright amount of dietary fiber, which assists your body to control its weight and regulate metabolism.

Though they have no direct effect on your weight loss, they remain a great addition to an effective loss program. Its fiber component satiates your cravings, making you feel content for long. Pea shoot microgreens is, therefore, a great addition to your weight loss program, which is also one of the benefits of radish microgreens.


Any food that can help prevent cancer in all means is welcomed with open arms, and for that reason, mainly, you should add pea shoots to your diet. These microgreens contain antioxidants, folate, and carotene. Folate contributes immensely to the formation of our body cells, and it also helps them maintain a healthy state.

Research has shown that radical damage of the cells is commonly associated with the risk of developing cancer. The antioxidant content of pea shoots helps in fighting the condition. Carotene is another compound associated with cancer prevention.


Though there hasn’t been advanced research on the relationship between pea shoots and cardiovascular health, they support that these leafy greens promote the inflammation and immune system of the body.

They also feature high levels of antioxidants and phytonutrients,which they offer, meaning pea shoot microgreens may have a wide range of cardiovascular benefits. Inflammation and antioxidants alone can help protect your body from heart disease.


Iron is essential to the body. It’s used to transport oxygen through the blood and trigger enzyme reactions. Iron deficiency is so serious that it can lead to anemia. Symptoms are poor temperature regulation, fatigue, poor immune performance, and inflammation of the tongue.

Pea microgreens boost the body by preventing iron deficiency. A single cup provides about 10 percent of the allowed daily intake of iron. When consumed with a balanced diet, pea microgreens can ensure your levels are maintained at the average level.  You have to consume them almost daily, though!


Many studies suggest that green peas can have many benefits for people who have diabetes, there’s not much research showing that they can prevent you from the disease, but at least pea shoot microgreens can help reduce the chances.

Pea shoots contain most of the nutrients essential for keeping your blood sugar levels low as well as support your antioxidant levels. Therefore, pea shoot microgreens are useful in helping people with type two diabetes and lowering the risk of developing diabetes. If you are a type two diabetes patient, include one serving of pea shoot microgreens in your daily intake to help you recover first.


In terms of volume, pea shoots are one of the best sources of protein. A single cup of pea shoots can provide two grams of protein, which is equivalent to a third of an egg. When consuming a raw vegetarian diet, pea shoots can become the secondary source of natural protein, thus removing the need for reliable shakes, processed soy foods, or carbohydrate-rich beans.

Protein is essential in all tissue building in the body, and it’s therefore,necessary to keep your intake on average regardless of the type of diet you’re following. Every kg or 2.2lbs of body weight should be fed with 0.8g of protein daily.


Many of the ailments that attack our bodies, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, and Alzheimer are due to inflammation. Pea shoots densely contain antioxidants and phytonutrients required in supporting the body’s complex inflammation system.

One cup of pea shoots contains about 35% of Vitamin C daily value, 15% of Vitamin A. That’s seven times the amount of Vitamin C in blueberries, and four times the amount of vitamin A in tomatoes. Pea shoot microgreens are an excellent source of vitamin K.

You Should Consume Pea Shoot Microgreens NaturallyCONCLUSION

They usually say, “health is wealth.” As long as you incorporate pea shoot microgreens and other microgreens in your diet, you’ll help your body stay in good health. You’ll also save yourself from medical expense