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Did you know that eating one ounce of Broccoli Microgreens is equal to eating 20 Ounces of broccoli? Crazy, right? They taste just like broccoli….go figure!

Nutritional Benefits of Broccoli Microgreens

It’s no secret that microgreens and sprouts of cruciferous vegetables are highly nutritious. Broccoli finds its way to the dinner table all the time, but broccoli microgreens are not popular. Broccoli microgreens are usually 10 to 14 days old from planting, and it’s at that period when the plants have a higher amount of sulforaphane, a natural compound.

The compound is also in other cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, kale, and cabbage, but broccoli is one of the vegs with the highest levels of it, especially at the microgreen and sprout stages. You can eat broccoli microgreens with anything edible. They’re capable of reversing serious ailments and boosting your health. Let’s explore the nutritional benefits of broccoli microgreens.



According to studies, broccoli microgreens can help lower blood pressure in our bodies. It also lowers triglyceride levels. Therefore, if you consume broccoli microgreens frequently, you can keep stroke and other heart diseases away.

A study done on lab rats showed that the substance Glucoraphanin helped to lower their blood pressure.  Other studies have shown that sulforaphane can reduce the risks of heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis.


Sulforaphane, which is present in broccoli microgreens and sprouts, has been a subject of interest in anticancer research. Studies show that the compound in the broccoli microgreen may have a chemopreventive effect on certain types of cancers such as prostate, skin, breast, melanoma, and stomach tumors.

According to a study published in Cancer Prevention Research in 2018, the inclusion of broccoli microgreens was more beneficial in breast cancer prevention than adulthood diet. The same journal also deemed the cruciferous vegetable effective on urinary bladder carcinogenesis.


Sulforaphane in broccoli microgreens has been known to alleviate diabetes, especially for those people who are overweight or obese.  It helps people with type II diabetes regulate their blood sugar levels and deal with diabetic neuropathy. These magical microgreens can also bring down oxidative stress, insulin resistance, and CRP, an infection-growth protein.

A study was done on people with Type 2 diabetes. The participants were given broccoli with a high volume of sulforaphane daily, and it helped reduce blood sugar levels by almost 6.5% and improved the control of blood sugar, according to the findings.


Aging is a normal process. Genetics and the environment play a vital role in one’s health throughout their lives. Research has shown that supporting body cells and helping them maintain their normal activity can impact the health of the aging body positively. By supporting the cells, you defend the normal cellular functions against external threats to health.

Although aging is unpreventable, it’s possible to support someone’s health and wellbeing as they age. Broccoli microgreens’ sulforaphane reduces the factors that facilitate decreased quality of life. Moreover, vitamin A and C in the microgreens can help eliminate wrinkles and age spots to reduce aging.


Some studies on microgreens nutrition have shown that a sulforaphane-filled broccoli microgreens diet can help reduce the chances of autism in children. It may be the powerful antioxidants in the young broccoli plants which ensure children have normal brain development.

Pregnant women are therefore encouraged to consume broccoli microgreens to ensure the fetal brain develops normally. According to Dr. Kanwaljit Singh, fever improves autism, and sulforaphane induces fever and, therefore, can treat autism.


Many people have experienced gastrointestinal issues in different forms. It can be mild bloating or extreme abdominal pain. Doctors have recommended broccoli sprouts or microgreens for patients exhibiting those conditions. Broccoli microgreens help to aid the digestive system and prevent the accumulation of dangerous bacteria.

One of the dangerous bacteria broccoli microgreens help to reduce is Helicobacter pylori. They also ensure good nutrient uptake and digestive health, thus lowering the risk of ulcers, constipation, and colorectal cancer. Indeed, broccoli microgreens have a lot of health benefits for people.


According to studies, sulforaphane reduces the chances of mental decline and improves recovery in case of a brain injury. The compound in broccoli microgreens and sprouts has been proven to reduce depression symptoms as well as anxiety in animals.

After a study was done in 2017, it was concluded that sulforaphane and vitamin E combined reduced oxidative damage to mice that were exposed to lead, and also improved their deteriorating cognitive system.


A study published in Clinical Immunology in 2009 found that broccoli sprouts and microgreens could solve an array of problems with our lungs. Sulforaphane, the compound in broccoli microgreens, reduces inflammation in the respiratory pathways and brings oxidative stress down.

When you consume broccoli microgreens frequently, you will be able to keep lung-related conditions at bay and reduce symptoms of asthma. According to a journal published by the Medicine Plant Research, sulforaphane is capable of fighting off respiratory diseases.


Inflammation causes numerous diseases, and you can effectively avoid those diseases by reversing it. By consuming broccoli microgreens, your body gains a compound known as glucoraphanin, which is an antioxidant that helps improve heart health, lower blood pressure, and fight against inflammation.

Basically, the antioxidant boosts your immune system to fight oxidative stress. Glucoraphanin collaborates with other nutrients in the broccoli microgreens and sprouts and fights cell damage promoting overall health.


Broccoli microgreens are packed with plenty of Vitamin C. One serving has about 60 percent of this essential nutrient. Vitamin C protects your skin from the sun rays and prevents early aging.

In a study conducted on over 4000 women, it was discovered that women with vitamin C deficiency had more wrinkles than the ones with the nutrient


Broccoli microgreens reserve a lot of nutrients which comprise of proteins and antioxidants. We’ve seen that the nutrients improve the body’s defense against cancer, diabetes, calms inflammation, protects vision and helps detoxify the body.

To reap the health benefits, consume them immediately after harvesting them to prevent loss of nutritional value after harvest. The longer the time gap between harvesting and delivery, the more nutrients the harvested vegetables will lose. That’s why consuming them right away is recommended.

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